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ClimaLoop is an independent environmental consultancy firm offering the necessary knowledge, expertise and management to initiatives that reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. ClimaLoop implements projects targeting waste management (i.e landfill, composting, recycling,…) and renewable energy (i.e biogas, solar, coalmine methane,…) to actively combat climate change achieving environmentally sustainable development. Climate Change represents the biggest challenge we face in our lifetime and, as part of the solution, we provide consultancy services to projects around the world to reduce harmful CO2 emissions with the following Consultancy Services:

Climate Change Mitigation

ClimaLoop offers the necessary knowledge, expertise and management to initiatives that reduce greenhouse gas emissions to combat global warming both in compliance (CDM) and voluntary markets.

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Environmental Management

ClimaLoop helps to implement your Environmental Management System (EMS) bringing both the cost savings and business benefits.

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Waste Management

ClimaLoop identifies and design recycling, diversion, composting, energy recovery, and other opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from waste management.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

ClimaLoop measures and communicates the climate impacts of your organization in powerful ways that transform carbon liabilities into assets.

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Renewable Energy

ClimaLoop conducts due dilligences, designs and assessments on green and renewable energy technologies such as solar, wind, hydroelectricity, biomass and, specially biogas.

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Professional Training

ClimaLoop provides professional training to professionals and organizations on climate change mitigation, waste management and renewable energy.

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