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Biogas Utilization

Biogas systems enable the recovery and productive use of methane to generate renewable energy from the decomposition of organic materials, reducing direct emissions into the atmosphere and reducing GHGs by replacing fossil fuels (e.g., coal, natural gas) used for traditional energy generation.

Biogas from anaerobic digesters is utilized in many situations where operations produce a significant organic waste stream. The biogas can be utilized from the following sources:

– Agriculture: In agriculture, animal and crop wastes are typically used as a feedstock for anaerobic digesters.

– Industrial: Organic waste generated by industrial processes, particularly waste from the food processing industry, can be used as a feedstock for an anaerobic digester.

– Wastewater treatment plants (WWTP): Wastewater treatment facilities employ anaerobic digesters to break down sewage sludge and eliminate pathogens in wastewater. Often, biogas is captured from digesters and used to heat nearby facilities.

– Households: The biogas can be used as a clean source of cooking fuel while the slurry from the digester is a very good fertilizer.


ClimaLoop offers an extensive range of management services for the development, operation and aftercare of biogas utilization facilities. We are able to provide consultancy assistance for:

– Qualitative and quantitative biogas utilization risk assessment (i.e ATEX)

– Biogas utilization and feasibility assessments;

– Project documentation for Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)


The Consultancy Services in ClimaLoop are directly managed and executed by Sergi Cuadrat, a Chemical Engineer with five years of experience in the development of climate change mitigation projects and over three years of previous work experience in the waste management sector. Having successfully conducted over 50 complex and multidisciplinary CDM project activities in more than 10 countries, he has gained a hands on experience in managing projects from Due Diligence to PDD development, Validation, Registration, Monitoring, Verification and CER Issuance. He is a team player with strong analytical, problem solving and communication skills with solid understanding of UNFCCC procedures and DOE management, combined with work experience in the waste management sector.