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Climate Change Mitigation

ClimaLoop is an independent environmental consultancy firm offering the necessary knowledge, expertise and management to initiatives that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. ClimaLoop implements projects targeting renewable energy and waste management to actively combat climate change achieving environmentally sustainable development both in the compliance and voluntary carbon market.

The Climate Change Consultancy Services of ClimaLoop are designed to cover different strategies with the common background of fighting against climate change and the premise of preserving social sustainability.

ClimaLoop develops Climate Change Mitigation projects both in compliance (Clean Development Mechanism, CDM) and voluntary markets (Carbon Footprint) as follows:

– CDM Consultancy: The CDM Consultancy services of Climaloop cover from PDD development, Validation, Registration, Monitoring, Verification and CER Issuance.

– Carbon Footprint: The Carbon Footprint services of ClimaLoop involve the calculation of GHG emissions associated with the lifecycle of a product, service or the entire business.

CDM Biogas Verification_ClimaLoop