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Compost Production

Composting can eliminate greenhouse gas emissions from landfill, and reduce overall GHGs from solid waste. It is the organic material in landfill that produces methane. Contrary to the decomposition that happens in a landfill which emits methane, composting is aerobic, which emits carbon dioxide which has comparatively lesser greenhouse gas potential per atom of carbon emitted. Offsetting this, the use of compost in agriculture increases carbon sequestration, decreases the need for irrigation by as much as 70%, and also reduces the need for chemical fertilizers. The compost production promoted by ClimaLoop has several benefits:

– Increases organic matter in the soil which studies show improves maximum yield potential

– Offers slow release of major crop nutrients including phosphate, potash, magnesium and sulphur

– Improves soil structure for better workability and better crop establishment

– Increases water infiltration and retention

– The organic action of compost can help to inhibit pests and diseases within the soil

– Complements and can enhance the performance of inorganic fertilizers, reducing the overall quantity needed – better for your pocket and the environment.

– Easy and safe to apply as a product.

– The above neutral pH of the compost means it will buffer the acidifying effects of high nitrogen inputs, helping to keep soils at optimal pH


ClimaLoop helps to facilitate the process of diverting food waste or any other kind of organic waste away from the traditional landfill option.  Whether an office building, restaurant, hotel or conference center, we can assist with the decisions necessary to develop a system that fits with your particular operation. Our composting services cover all aspects of the compost project lifecycle:

– Feasibility including technical and financial feasibility

– Design and development  including pre-contract negotiations

– Operational management services including asset management

– Due diligence including technical, commercial and environmental services


The Consultancy Services in ClimaLoop are directly managed and executed by Sergi Cuadrat, a Chemical Engineer with five years of experience in the development of climate change mitigation projects and over three years of previous work experience in the waste management sector. Having successfully conducted over 50 complex and multidisciplinary CDM project activities in more than 10 countries, he has gained a hands on experience in managing projects from Due Diligence to PDD development, Validation, Registration, Monitoring, Verification and CER Issuance. He is a team player with strong analytical, problem solving and communication skills with solid understanding of UNFCCC procedures and DOE management, combined with work experience in the waste management sector.