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Professional Learning

ClimaLoop is committed to caring for the environment and to achieving a more sustainable future. Consequently, when it comes to establishing good work practices and more environmentally responsible and civic methods, the key is to provide professionals and organizations with the information needed to make a personal commitment to good practices.

ClimaLoop provides professional learning as conferences, training and courses to professionals and organizations on climate change mitigation (i.e CDM or Carbon Footprint), waste management and renewable energy.

We have a broad range of multi-skilled professionals, able to combine technical specialisms with social understanding and entrepreneurial spirit. We are providing fit-on-purpose courses to professionals from industry, small companies, universities, research institutes, public bodies as well as NGOs in order to develop a cross-disciplinary and international understanding on environmental issues.

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Sergi Cuadrat, the Owner and Principal Consultant of ClimaLoop, has provided the following conferences:


  • Workshop in Compost techniques. European Youth For Action. April 2003. Pola de Lena, Spain.
  • Compost techniques and Biodigester installation. Ecotopia. August 2003. , Kosiv, Ukraine.
  • Carbon Credits applied to Coal Mine Methane. Seminar Coal Mine Methane Capture and Utilization. 5 November 2007. Kolkata, India.
  • “Monitoring LFG under CDM. Training to Biogas Technology Ltd. operators”. March 2008. Mexico.
  • Business in Cleantech & Environment Summit (BiCE) of ESADE with the workshop “Reducing Emissions through Clean Development Mechanisms”. Feb 2010. Barcelona, Spain.
  • Bonos de Carbono: Oportunidades Públicas y Privadas. July 2010. Santiago de Chile, Chile.
  • Energías Renovables, Huella de CO2 Avances y Tendencias. July 2010. Santiago de Chile, Chile.
  • “Emission reduction in sanitary landfill under Clean Development mechanisms (CDM)”. II International Conference on Climate Change & Waste Management. Apr 2011. Bilbao, Spain.
  • “CDM as a tool to mitigate Climate Change through Landfill Gas recovery”. XIII Conference of Controlled Landfills. October 2011. Lleida, Spain.
  • “Utilization of Biogas to mitigate Climate Change”. ATEGRUS® Conference on Bioenergy. May 2012.

The learning course, “Management of Emission Reduction Projects: Clean Development Mechanisms” offers six modules aimed at explaining the Kyoto Protocol’s project-based mechanisms, their governance structures, how to start a CDM project, and understanding the CDM project cycles and corresponding rules and procedures. It also includes practical tips for successful implementation of CDM projects. This course is designed for various stakeholders in the carbon finance area, including project developers, technical consultants, decision makers, lawyers, representatives of cities, youth, and NGOs.


Sergi Cuadrat, the Owner and Principal Consultant of ClimaLoop, has been coordinating and teaching the course named , “Management of Emission Reduction Projects: Clean Development Mechanisms” in 2010 and 2011 in the Environmental Law Master’s Degree of the Universitat Rovira i Virgili (Tarragona, Spain), providing specific knowledge on climate change mitigation projects to international lawyers.

Sergi Cuadrat, the Owner and Principal Consultant of ClimaLoop, has published:


  • S. Cuadrat. Recycle, don´t break the cycle (wrote in catalan language titled as “Recicla, no trenquis el cicle”). Book reference DL-L-236-04. Promoted by Catalan Government. June 2004 (SP).
  • Area Classification For Landfill Gas Extraction, Utilisation And Combustion. Industry Code Of Practice Esa Icop 2, Edition 1: Nov. 2005. (UK).
  • R. Lewicki, I. Gadsby and S. Cuadrat . Safety implications in the waste industry following implementations of ATEX directives. X International Waste Management and Landfill Symposium. 3-7 October 2005, Sardinia (IT).
  • S. Cuadrat, R. Lewicki, I. Gadsby. Operational factors determining performance of landfill gas projects under Kyoto protocol mechanisms. XI International Waste Management and Landfill Symposium. 1-5 October 2007 (IT).
  • Power Generation Experience from Abandoned Coal Mines Methane. International Mining Forum 2008 Cracow – Szczyrk – Wieliczka, Poland, February 2008
  • Anaerobic digestion of vinasse for the production of biogas in sugar cane distillery sector in developing countries using the CDM of the Kyoto Protocol. International Anaerobic Digestion Symposium at BiogasWorld. April 2013. Berlin (Germany).

The Consultancy Services in ClimaLoop are directly managed and executed by Sergi Cuadrat, a Chemical Engineer with five years of experience in the development of climate change mitigation projects and over three years of previous work experience in the waste management sector. Having successfully conducted over 50 complex and multidisciplinary CDM project activities in more than 10 countries, he has gained a hands on experience in managing projects from Due Diligence to PDD development, Validation, Registration, Monitoring, Verification and CER Issuance. He is a team player with strong analytical, problem solving and communication skills with solid understanding of UNFCCC procedures and DOE management, combined with work experience in the waste management sector.