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Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

ClimaLoop provides services to prevent the production of waste, reintroducing it into the product cycle by recycling its components where there are ecologically and economically viable methods of doing so.


Waste is an issue that affects us all. We all produce waste creating a huge impact on the environment, causing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change, as well as significant losses of materials – a particular problem for the whole world. The meaning of Reduce, Reuse & Recycle (three Rs or 3Rs) is as follows:


Reduce: It means reducing your consumption or buying less. Designing items like plastic bottles in ways that use less material is another way to reduce consumption. Using steel cutlery instead of plastic utensils, buying used goods, mending clothes instead of buying new ones and consuming less electricity are all examples of ways you can reduce in your own life.


Reuse: Rather than throwing out items like clothing or food jars, consumers can find new uses for them — and thereby reduce their consumption of new resources. Composting, using jars to store beverages or leftover food, and trading or selling used DVDs rather than throwing them out are all examples of ways people can reuse.


Recycle: Recycling extracts valuable materials from items that might otherwise be considered trash and turns them into new products. Communities have a variety of recycling programs, such as curbside pickup of recyclables, drop-off centers, buy-back centers that pay you for valuable items and deposit-refund programs.


ClimaLoop can reduce your waste, reuse your resources and recycle your waste to mitigate greenhouse gases and tackle climate change.


The Consultancy Services in ClimaLoop are directly managed and executed by Sergi Cuadrat, a Chemical Engineer with five years of experience in the development of climate change mitigation projects and over three years of previous work experience in the waste management sector. Having successfully conducted over 50 complex and multidisciplinary CDM project activities in more than 10 countries, he has gained a hands on experience in managing projects from Due Diligence to PDD development, Validation, Registration, Monitoring, Verification and CER Issuance. He is a team player with strong analytical, problem solving and communication skills with solid understanding of UNFCCC procedures and DOE management, combined with work experience in the waste management sector.