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Waste Management Service

A major issue facing modern society is waste and waste management, which is a key factor for reducing carbon emissions. The waste sector is uniquely situated to substantially mitigate the second most abundant greenhouse gas, methane. Focusing on waste with improvements in solid waste management can also bring various co-benefits such as an improvement in air quality, a reduction in contamination-related illnesses, economic growth, and a boost to energy resources.


An integrated solid waste management strategy, including targeting waste prevention, recycling, composting, energy recovery, treatment, and disposal, can have a significant impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


There are multiple technological options promoted by ClimaLoop to reduce GHG emissions such as:


– Landfill Gas Utilization: The objective of the Landfill gas projects developed by ClimaLoop is to reduce GHG emissions through the utilization of landfill gas as renewable energy.

– Biogas Utilization: The objective of the Biogas projects developed by ClimaLoop is to reduce GHG emissions from different sources (agriculture, industrial, WWTP or households).

– Compost Production: The objective of the Compost Production projects developed by ClimaLoop is to reduce GHG emissions by diverting the organic waste from landfills.

– Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: ClimaLoop can reduce your waste, reuse your resources and recycle your waste to tackle climate change.

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The Consultancy Services in ClimaLoop are directly managed and executed by Sergi Cuadrat, a Chemical Engineer with five years of experience in the development of climate change mitigation projects and over three years of previous work experience in the waste management sector. Having successfully conducted over 50 complex and multidisciplinary CDM project activities in more than 10 countries, he has gained a hands on experience in managing projects from Due Diligence to PDD development, Validation, Registration, Monitoring, Verification and CER Issuance. He is a team player with strong analytical, problem solving and communication skills with solid understanding of UNFCCC procedures and DOE management, combined with work experience in the waste management sector.